Client Projects

KKBOX Mac (2008) / iPhone (2009) / iPad (2010)

KKBOX is the biggest online streaming music provider in Taiwan and Hong Kong. It now also operates in Japan, Singapore and Malaysia. Lithoglyph was commissioned to develop the Mac, iPhone and iPad versions of the music player client app.

Yahoo! KeyKey Input Method (2008)

Yahoo! Taiwan commissioned Lithoglyph to develop a Traditional Chinese input method editor (IME) tailored to Taiwanese users' needs. A bigram-based text selection engine was developed. It was available on both Mac OS X and Windows.

Yahoo! has discontinued KeyKey since January 2013. We recommend Mac users who are looking for an alternative to Apple's built-in Chinese input methods consider open source projects such as OpenVanilla and McBopomofo.

Past Products

LadyBugz (2010)

A FogBugz client for Mac. Discontinued. Archive.

TapExpense (2008)

A no-frills expense tracker for iPhone. Acquired by Lazy Studio in April 2011.

Modrianum (2007)

A Mac color picker that makes use of the data available on Adobe® Kuler®. Discontinued. Archive.


TapExpense users are recommended to contact Lazy Studio for data migration to TapExpense 2, a separate new version. You can refer to this guide to transfer your existing data to the new version.


Unless otherwise specified, the copyright of LadyBugz, Mondrianum, as well as all open source software released under the company's name, now belongs to Lukhnos Liu.

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